Conditions of use

1.   A booking form available from the Bookings Secretary must be completed and returned (together with the agreed fee and a stamped self addressed envelope) before a booking can be confirmed. Provisional booking will be held for a maximum of one week before the requested date.

2.   The hire fee shall not be refundable to the hirer unless the hire is cancelled by the Centre Management Committee. Cheques to be made out to “BP Water Activities TC”.

3.   An extension to the hire can often be arranged but must be confirmed with the Booking Secretary.  An additional Hire Fee will be charged. 

4.   The maximum number of persons permitted in the meeting room at any one time is 60 persons.  The hirer is responsible for making known the evacuation and safety procedure to users, as prominently displayed in the meeting room.

5.   The whole of the premises are by law a NO SMOKING area. No naked flames (such as candles) are permitted absolutely. Flammable materials must be kept 3m away from the gas heaters.

6.     The hirer shall use the premises entirely at their own risk.  The Management Committee shall not be responsible for any accident or injury to, or of death of, any person attending the event/activity, or for the loss of or any damage to any property (unless caused by act or omission of the Committee). The hirer shall indemnify the Committee against any claim, loss or liability for any such accident, injury, death, loss or damage.

7.    The hirer should have public liability insurance, details of which shall be provided to the Management Committee on request. Accidents should be reported in the book provided.

8.   The Bookings Secretary must be notified beforehand if there is a change in the nature of the event or the details set out in the Booking Form by the hirer.  In no circumstances shall the hirer use the premises for commercial purposes unless with specific permission of the Management Committee.

9.   The hirer shall use the Rooms solely for the purpose specified and shall not cause any nuisance or annoyance to the owners or occupiers of any nearby premises or boats. No noise audible outside the rooms is permitted after 12pm.  For day or evening hire, the premises must be vacated by 12pm.

10.   Any substantial re-arrangement of the equipment or furnishing or erection of decorations etc must be agreed beforehand. At the end of the hiring, the hirer shall remove all equipment and belongings, restore the furniture to the positions found and leave all the rooms in a clean and tidy condition. Cleaning equipment is available in the entrance lobby. 

11.   The hirer shall be responsible for the loss of, or damage to, the Centre or its services, equipment, fittings, furniture or other property or items in or around the Centre which arise out of the hiring. Defects should be reported in the book provided.

12.   The hirer must obtain any licence necessary for the sale of alcohol, the performance of music, or required for display of any film or video.

13.   The ground floor and adjoining enclosure are used to store boats and other equipment are not included in the hire. They must not be used.

14.   In no circumstance shall the hirer sub let the premises.

Version 3. May  2017